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Personal Grooming and UTIs

"Lately a LOT of women have been asking for information on shaving versus going natural.  Let me share my own story:  For years, I shaved because it was the preference of my partner (easy access, etc.) and during those same years I experienced frequent UTIs. Now days, I opt to lady-scape (trim) verses going completely shaved.  The hair serves a purpose: It reduces the opportunity for foeign, potentially bacteria-laden particles to enter into the urethra, much the same as nasal hairs trap and prevent harmful allergens from entering into our bodies via our nasal passages.  I realize the decision to shave, lady-scape or go natural is a subject-matter that often hinges on relationship status and personal comfort or preferences.  Ultimately, these decisions are always yours to make.  However, if you are experiencing frequent UTIs and you shave, may I suggest you think about a close trim versus complete removal?  If you decide to try this, please let me know your own results (fewer UTIs, more/less friction burns, more/less painful urination, etc.).  

As always, I'm praying for your COMPLETE Healing!"