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Encouragement for Dealing with Health Care Providers

I want to offer encouragement for everyone who is dealing with a medical issue (whether or not it is IC or PBS).  

IF, for any reason, your health care provider DOES NOT treat you with dignity and respect, PLEASE FIND A DIFFERENT PROVIDER!

This is VERY important, because YOU are an IMPORTANT co-participant in your healing journey. So, if your complaints are being dismissed or your doc says, "oh, that wouldn't have happened because [fill in the blank]," this is dismissive behavior...Why would you want to pay them to treat you so deceptively.  Yes, it's deception (and dismissive and denigrating) when ANY provider fails to recognize you live in your own body and KNOW your pain/discomfort...or they fail to acknowledge your genuine investment in your own health.  

DEMAND respect from your treating provider, because s/he cannot heal you (or help you in any way) without your participation.  Providers must treat you as the equal, important co-participant that you are along this healing journey.  If they do not, then do yourself a favor and move on to someone who does.  In the long-run, you'll be glad you sought a provider that understands and acknowledges your own emotional, psychological and physical investment in the healing process!

As always, I'm praying for your COMPLETE Healing!  If you need help with self-advocacy, I provide private consultations at