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What if your IC COULD be healed? What if urologists are wrong when they tell you that you will suffer from IC forever? What if the support groups on Reddit are ALL wrong?

THE GOOD NEWS IS: At least ONE person on this planet no longer suffers from IC or IC flares. Seems impossible, right? Wrong!

If I can heal myself from IC (and doctors told me I would have IC “FOREVER”), you can certainly improve your IC condition, too.

The fact is, most people believe what their doctors tell them. Why wouldn’t you? They mean well; are highly educated; have spent years in training and study of the human body…however; at the end of the day, they don’t know what they don’t know…and they make mistakes just like the rest of us make mistakes.

I took my IC diagnosis as a mistake in diagnosis, despite the fact that I suffered for many years with what “appeared” to be recurring UTIs (that were ultimately diagnosed as IC), until I dug into my own research about the human body.

Our bodies have an AMAZING ability to heal – our cells regenerate at astronomical rates every single day of our lives! Why wouldn’t the bladder’s [damaged] cells also regenerate [with new, healthy, undamaged cells]? IT DOES – it just doesn’t happen quickly.

Dare to BELIEVE YOU CAN HEAL, because you CAN! It requires patience (with your healing process) and FAITH that your body was designed to heal itself.