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Healthy Bladder Tip #8

A healthy bladder is less likely to become infected with a Urinary TractInfection (UTI). There are two differentways to minimize getting a UTI.

The first is: A combination of CranberryFruit Extract (4200 mg/daily; available at in the U.S.) pairedwith Vitamin C (two, 500 mg doses - one in a.m. and on in p.m.; available in the U.S.). This combination creates a hostile bladderenvironment for bacterial growth - UTIs are bacterial infections. Beware: some IC-sufferers might not tolerate the acidity of the high doseVitamin C. 

The second is: You might like to try a product named, D-Mannos®(available at most Sprouts, Whole Foods and otherhealthy lifestyle retailers) that asserts a "healthy bladder" withoutthe added acidity of the Vitamin C referenced in option 1, above. 

Remember, very few IC-sufferers experience the same pain, symptoms, pathology, disease course, etc. Stated differently, each IC-suffererexperiences their IC differently (which is at the very core of the mix-up that makes IC such a challenge for doctors and scientists to untangle). There are certainly commonalities (e.g.,compromised bladder function, painful urination, urethra pain, burning urine, etc.), yet medically, we each present ourselves differently (e.g., pelvic floordysfunction, vaginismus, Hunner's lesions, endometriosis, Mast Cells, prolapse, etc.).